Trucking fleets drive America. Compass Natural Gas knows what’s important to you: time and money. Our solutions provide cost-effective energy on-site for your fleets – without a pipeline. We provide the refueling technology and hardware, as well as a 100% reliable supply of clean burning natural gas. Whether your fleet needs fast fill or slow fill, rapid system deployment or complete site integration, our team of engineers design and execute the industry’s most advanced, reliable, and cost-effective solutions.

Less than $2 Per gallon price with Compass Natural Gas

Commercial Fleets

We know your team of drivers is in it for the long haul. Your haul needs to be delivered efficiently and on time. Choose an energy partner that is as reliable and consistent as the promise you make to your customers. Compass Natural Gas is your partner in energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Municipal Fleets

City driving and local deliveries can be hard on fuel budgets. At Compass Natural Gas, we work with you to provide consistent, high quality natural gas at a fixed price. That means no surprises to your budget from year-to-year. Our natural gas exceeds Cummins Engines industry standards for fleet technology.

Waste Hauling Fleets

The waste industry is a leader in CNG implementation and we’ve changed the fueling model.