Gas Field Services

Stranded Well Production Services

Compass is looking for stranded well owners in targeted growth areas that would be interested in partnering with us to fill our CNG trailers at their well sites. Compass will also buy gas from stranded wells that need to market their gas to satisfy their leases and covenants.

CNG Supply to Drill Rigs

Compass is able to supply drill rigs across Pennsylvania and the surrounding states. Space is at a premium, but our equipment and trailers have a small footprint. We monitor our sites 24/7 and schedule deliveries to provide our customers with a seamless supply of gas. Our equipment sets up and tears down quickly and is built to be mobile, so we can follow your operations to wherever you need CNG.

CNG Supply to Bi-Fuel and E-Frac Sites 

Compass has the equipment and expertise to support your fracking operations. We offer manned and unmanned options and can supply gas from our terminals and loading points plus from one of our mobile compression units. We monitor our equipment 24/7 and handle all of the CNG logistics so that you can focus on running your operation. We also offer 24/7 maintenance and technical support, along with regular site checks by company technicians.

Opening Shut-In Wells 

Compass can supply CNG trailers with up to 4000 psi of compressed natural gas to open shut-in wells. Compass can drop trailers at your well site and pick them up when you are done, or we can supply a technician to work with your crew. Unlike nitrogen, any CNG that goes into the ground is sellable product.


Whether you are a facility that requires energy year round, or your energy needs fluctuate throughout the year, Compass Natural Gas has the unique ability to offer custom agreements sized for your business. Our promise to our customers is rapid implementation followed by uninterrupted energy delivery.

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