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When performing planned or unplanned pipeline work, Compass can mobilize, tie in downstream of the pipe break, and provide gas to your customers for as long as necessary. Your customers will experience no interruption in service, and you have the time you need to perform your repairs or preventive maintenance. Compass has provided this service, emergency and planned, to utilities, and even Williams Transco, on multiple occasions. During an emergency, Compass will mobilize and flow gas within hours of the call and be prepared to provide gas service for as long as it takes to effect repairs.


If your project is behind schedule, or if you need to provide gas service before the pipeline infrastructure is in place, Compass can help. Compass can mobilize its equipment and supply gas directly to schools, universities, subdivisions, facilities, etc. for as long as necessary until your infrastructure is in place to supply these locations. Compass has extensive experience performing this work for utilities in northern Virginia and Pennsylvania.


Customers sometimes need more gas than their pipelines can supply; we often see this during very cold winter weather. Compass can set up where the customer wants us, make up the gas shortfall, and allow the customer’s operations to continue seamlessly. Our equipment can be set up within hours and our fleet of trucks and network of terminals can supply enough gas to meet any customer’s needs.


Some communities want access to natural gas but it is not economical to construct and/or maintain a pipeline to the town. In other cases, we have existing customers in a community and other businesses and institutions nearby that would like to get collective access to the CNG that we are providing. Regardless of the exact circumstances, Compass can supply gas to a central gathering station that distributes gas to any number of downstream customers.


Whether you are a facility that requires energy year round, or your energy needs fluctuate throughout the year, Compass Natural Gas has the unique ability to offer custom agreements sized for your business. Our promise to our customers is rapid implementation followed by uninterrupted energy delivery.

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