Fleet Fueling


For smaller fleets, customers that are constrained by space, and fleets that need a unit very quickly, Compass has its Scout units. The Scout is a self-contained fueling system, with a compressor, storage tanks, and built-in dispensers all on a single trailer. It can be paired with a point-of-sale system and can be set up and be ready to operate on the same day it is delivered.


For larger fleets and customers with their own time-fill or fast-fill dispensing equipment, Compass has its Pathfinder units. Pathfinder units are designed to work with any dispensing system and can quickly fill large fleets. They are designed to be permanent or semi-permanent sites, but like all Compass equipment is highly mobile and infinitely scalable.


Compass has extensive experience supplying fleets while they wait for their permanent fueling infrastructure to be constructed or if they suffer a mishap with their fueling infrastructure. Compass can have a Scout and CNG trailer onsite and ready to dispense gas very quickly. We will continue to replace the trailers as necessary for as long as you need. No job is too big or too small.

Our Promise to Commercial Fleets

Our promise to our customers is high quality, uninterrupted energy. To meet this promise, our engineering team has  the ability  to monitor your Compass Natural Gas systems  24 hours a day, seven days a week from our headquarters in Pennsylvania. This technology includes the ability to automatically distribute compressed natural gas from a redundant system on your site.

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