Industrial Applications

Industries & Institutions 

Compass supplies natural gas to a gambit of industries, from greenhouses to asphalt plants to food processing plants. The company has also won the bids to supply multiple state correctional facilities. Compass can supply natural gas to any industry or institution that needs heat and/or energy to run their facility.

Seasonal Service

Compass can tailor a package specific to a customer’s seasonal energy needs. Compass supplies numerous greenhouses, asphalt plants, grain dryers, and other seasonal customers. You pay for the equipment and the gas service only when you need it.

Temporary Service 

Some clients are connecting to a pipeline but have experienced delays. Compass can bring in mobile equipment and supply gas until the pipeline connection is made; there is no need to wait.


Whether you are a facility that requires energy year round, or your energy needs fluctuate throughout the year, Compass Natural Gas has the unique ability to offer custom agreements sized for your business. Our promise to our customers is rapid implementation followed by uninterrupted energy delivery.

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