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Committing to clean energy resources for your municipal fleet does not always mean committing to higher overhead. At Compass Natural Gas, it’s the opposite. It can often be more cost effective. Our team of engineers will design unique solutions that are cost effective, reliable and clean – allowing your company to meet regulations to decrease your carbon footprint  and increase environmental sustainability.  

Utilizing compressed natural gas as your energy source is not only less harmful to the environment and your bottom line, but also reduces maintenance and extends the life of your engines. Compressed natural gas is free of lead and does not cause acidic corrosion of engine material. The clean burning fuel also does not dilute or contaminate crankcase oil, resulting in more time between oil changes and extended spark plug life. Compass Natural Gas exclusively utilizes non-lubricated compressors to greatly reduce the amount of oil present within the fuel. CNG also avoids vapor lock due to its gaseous state — versus other types of fuel which need to be converted from liquid to gas before starting the engine.


Your team may be driving to an offsite location to refuel – resulting in decreased work hours and costly drive time. Our team of engineers has crafted a solution to bring the alternative fuel source directly to your door without the additional build of a pipeline. Instead, we will analyze your facility site and recommend a location for our advanced technology. With this technology at your site, your fleet can now refuel with compressed natural gas at 3600 psi during working or non-working hours resulting in increased productivity and efficiency.


Formal and informal pushes to reduce carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise. Programs such as the DOE’s “Clean Cities” aim to drive America’s energy independence while also reducing damage to the environment. Reduced emissions are not only beneficial for your patrons, but also for your team of drivers and maintenance crew. CNG vehicles have also been shown to reduce noise pollution when compared to traditional gasoline or diesel engines.


In addition to the cost-saving benefits of compressed natural gas, Compass Natural Gas will work with you to determine a fixed price for fuel for a set number of years. Keeping your existing team and bottom line in mind, Compass Natural Gas has also created a training program to educate your existing team members on how to safely use the equipment so additional hiring is not necessary.


Our promise to our customers is high quality, uninterrupted energy. To meet this promise, our engineering team has  the ability  to monitor your Compass Natural Gas systems  24 hours a day, seven days a week from our headquarters in Pennsylvania. This technology includes the ability to automatically distribute compressed natural gas from a redundant system on your site.

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