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We can get you up and running within months. Compass Natural Gas fueling equipment requires fewer permits and much lower capital expense compared to traditional pipeline-dependent infrastructure. We build your compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations anywhere accessible by road. Compass trailers deliver a continuous supply of natural gas to fill your fleet at 3600 psi during working or non-working hours. Gain the economic advantage of CNG without the prohibitive costs of laying a pipeline.


Reduce your fuel, capital investment, and operational costs now and into the future. Compass Natural Gas saves you time and money — both in your up-front investment and well into the future. CNG is cleaner and more economical than diesel. Free from pipeline infrastructure, we build your CNG filling stations where you need them, decreasing your fleet’s drive time and increasing efficiency with our fast-fill or time-fill options.


Compass Natural Gas is clean, safe, economical, and provides additional benefits for your community. Fueling your municipal fleets with compressed natural gas, instead of diesel or gasoline, reduces your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. CNG vehicles have also been shown to reduce noise pollution when compared to diesel or gasoline engines.


Extend the life of your engines and reduce your maintenance costs. CNG is lead-free and does not cause acidic corrosion of engine material. The clean burning fuel also does not dilute or contaminate crankcase oil, resulting in more time between oil changes and extended spark plug life. Unlike other types of fuel, CNG also prevents vapor lock. Compass Natural Gas exclusively uses non-lubricated compressors to significantly reduce the potential amount of oil present within the fuel, and we exceed Cummins Engines industry standards for fleet technology.


The Compass Scout Vehicle Fueling System (a self contained, trailer-mounted fueling unit with dispensers) is a fueling unit that can be rapidly deployed, takes up minimal space (generally a 40’ x 10’ area for the Scout), and can be set up within a few hours. The Scout is brought to the customer’s site via a truck on a gooseneck trailer, parked in the designated area, and is ready to begin fueling. The Scout is completely independent of an external power supply and is designed to maximize quick deployment. The customer’s vehicle simply has to pull up to the fueling unit, connect the fuel nozzle to the truck, and begin fueling.


Reliability is critical. We source our natural gas from a non-interruptible supply, so your fuel delivery is never put on the back burner during a shortage. We monitor your fuel inventory 24/7 with our Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system to ensure your fleet runs smoothly with clean, green, American natural gas.

Compass Natural Gas Scout

The Compass Scout Vehicle Fueling System connected to a Compass natural gas transport trailer.


As your business grows, our scalable technology grows with you. Our team analyzes your fleet, existing infrastructure, and energy needs to create a custom solution that keeps pace with your business objectives.

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