Powering Your Facilities

Your facility can now access natural gas without the need for a pipeline. At Compass Natural Gas, we use your existing system requirements to custom fit our installation. Our team will also collaborate with you to establish a consistent delivery schedule from our Compass Natural Gas Quaker Terminal in Montoursville, PA.

Gas Field Services

At Compass Natural Gas, our promise to our customers is high quality, reliable energy delivered to you without an inherent pipeline. Our affordable energy is of the highest quality resulting in less damage to your boiler and equipment. Through Compass Natural Gas, your site can have clean burning energy delivered to you within six months. Compass Natural Gas can decrease the six month timeline substantially dependent on your energy needs.

Industrial Applications

Whether you are a facility that requires energy year round, or your energy needs fluctuate throughout the year, Compass Natural Gas has the unique ability to offer custom agreements sized for your business. Our promise to our customers is rapid implementation followed by uninterrupted energy delivery.

Utility Services

Your promise to our customers is our promise to you. We bring an uninterrupted supply of energy right to your door. Our process is simple and reliable. Our product is high quality and affordable. Keeping your goals in mind, we even train your team members on our technology to avoid the need for additional hiring.