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We know how erratic the propane and diesel markets can be. Confidently planning for the year ahead can be challenging with the fluctuating price of traditional energy sources. At Compass Natural Gas, we have the unique ability to offer custom agreements sized for your business. That means a fixed price for compressed natural gas for a set number of years. Our modular technology also has the ability to grow with your business, allowing you to quickly expand without wasting time or money.


Our team of engineers has created a unique system with remote monitoring abilities, redundancy and automatic transitions to the next supply when needed. There is no need for an inherent gas pipeline. Instead, our team uses Hexagon trailers to bring our high quality product directly to you – removing the risk of pipeline drilling, expense, and construction time.


Our team can start delivering energy within six months of kicking off the engagement. Depending on your energy needs, the lead time to service can be much less. From there, you can expect reliable, hassle free energy delivered to you on a schedule that drives your business goals. Our team is always available if you need us, but we pride ourselves on our self-sufficient,  reliable energy delivery.


Whether you are a facility that requires energy year round, or your energy needs fluctuate throughout the year, Compass Natural Gas has the unique ability to offer custom agreements sized for your business. Our promise to our customers is rapid implementation followed by uninterrupted energy delivery.

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